What to Expect During Your Free Consultation with a Victim’s Advocate Attorney: 3 Types of Questions We Are Likely to Ask

What to Expect During Your Free Consultation with a Victim’s Advocate AttorneyIf you are considering talking to a victim’s advocate attorney then you have survived a painful and likely traumatizing experience. We know that clients who come to us have been through terrible things that are difficult to talk about. We are compassionate and understanding of these facts. This is why we like to let you know what you are likely to be asked when you visit us for a free consultation.

We are not asking these questions for any reason other than the fact that the answers will determine if you have a case and the best way to proceed with that case. If you have questions, contact Justice 4 Crime Victims at 949-585-9055.

  1. Questions About the Crime Itself
  2. First, we will need to know about the crime. This will include basic questions such as the date and time of the crime, where it happened, and a description of the premises. We will ask for all available information you have about witnesses to any part of the crime and for information about any evidence you have.

    We will want to know if a police report was filed and if it was, we will need to know where it was filed, the officer it was assigned to, and the report or complaint number. We will then contact the police and get information on the statements that were taken. If there was a criminal case we will need information about who the prosecutor was, where the case is in the criminal court system and anything else you can tell us about it.

  3. Questions About the Perpetrator
  4. We will also need to get information about the person who committed the crime. We’ll need to know their name, address, date of birth, what your relationship was with them, where they worked, and anything else you know about them. If you do know their name then we will need a description of them.

    If there is a potential third-party that could be partially accountable for the crime then we will need to know about them as well. For example, if you were attacked at someone’s home and the owner of the home knew what was happening but did not intervene, then they could potentially have some level of fault.

  5. Questions About Damages
  6. Finally, we will need information about the damages you suffered. This would include lost time from work, medical costs, property damage, pain and suffering, etc. Remember that a criminal trial is designed to punish someone for their behavior. A civil case is designed to recover monetary damages for what you have gone through.

While the more information you can give us the better, you may have very little information to give. We understand this. No question we ask you is a judgment – we are simply looking for information. Call Justice 4 Crime Victims now at 949-585-9055 and we can begin with a free legal consultation.