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Michael L. Fell has the skills and experience needed to assist victims of all types of serious crimes.

Whether you or your family have been the victim of a crime or have lost a loved one to a criminal act, you deserve justice. Do not make the mistake of believing that the prosecutor’s interests are the same as your own! Though the prosecutor may want a conviction as badly as you do, ultimately their duty lies with the people of their jurisdiction.

J4CV Is On Your Side

You need someone on your side who sees matters from your perspective and will fight tirelessly to ensure that your rights and interests are protected every step of the way, and that you receive fair restitution whenever appropriate. This is exactly what you get with experienced criminal attorney Michael L. Fell on your side.

Attorney Fell has served as a victims’ rights attorney throughout California, including on cases which have received national attention. As a former Senior Deputy District Attorney of Orange County he prosecuted criminal cases and fought for victims’ rights for over 18 years, an experience that has made him ideally positioned to assist with your case, whether you are a victim of…

Adult and Child Sexual Offenses

Your privacy is a top concern in cases involving sex crimes. We can help protect your right to privacy and dignity and fight to keep your abuser behind bars.


You watched your property go up in flames once. Don’t let your hopes for justice go the same way. Instead, consult Michael L. Fell for expert advice and assistance in making your voice heard in the criminal proceeding.

Assault and Battery

If your abuser gets released on bail without your knowledge, you might be intimidated or even terrified to unexpectedly encounter them later. Attorney Fell can keep you informed of all the vital developments in the case and help present your side of the matter to the court.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

You feared for your life once during an assault with a deadly weapon. Don’t continue to live in fear by letting your attacker get released early. Instead, let Michael L. Fell help you make the judge consider your safety in all proceedings.

Attempted Murder

This is a serious crime and it deserves serious punishment. Don’t allow bail hearings or plea deals to go down without your knowledge. Instead, rely on J4CV to keep you informed and involved every step of the way.


If you have been the victim of a burglary, you might be afraid the defendant is going to try to harm or intimidate you or your family. Let us help you exercise your crime victims’ rights to allay your fears and promote your safety.

Domestic Violence

Being victimized by an individual who is supposed to care for you deeply is traumatic to say the least. With an attorney like Michael L. Fell on your side, you can get the support you need to stand up against your abuser and make sure the court acts to protect your safety.


Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is an act of callous disregard for the safety of others and deserves appropriate punishment. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a drunk driver, don’t let them get off with a slap on the wrist. Participate in the process with our help and get the justice and monetary restitution owed to you.

Elder Abuse

When seniors have been victimized, they often need special assistance exercising their victims’ rights. We help make the process less daunting so elders can stand up against their abusers and see justice done in a satisfactory manner. We will help fight for fair restitution of any financial loss you may have incurred.


If a forgery has caused you to suffer a financial loss, restitution should definitely be considered when the judge sets the sentence for the crime. As your advocate, Michael L. Fell can work hard to make sure fair restitution is ordered.


Have you been the victim of a fraud? You deserve restitution, and a skilled victims’ rights attorney such as Michael L. Fell can help you get it. You can rely on Attorney Fell to educate you on your Marsy’s Law rights and keep you apprised of every development in your case.

Gang Violence

If you are a victim of gang violence, you may be the target of further intimidation or abuse as the case progresses. Attorney Fell can help protect your privacy and your rights. He will stand by your side when it seems no one else has the courage to do so.

Hate Crimes

Even when hate crimes are not violent, they can be devastating to your sense of safety and well-being. With a victims’ rights attorney like Michael L. Fell working on your behalf, you can rest assured the prosecutor and judge will be able to see matters from your perspective.

Identity Theft

Cybercrimes such as identity theft can be difficult to prosecute, so there is a high probability that the case will be settled in a plea deal. We can help you exercise your right to keep abreast of plea deal developments and have a say in the arrangement that is offered, as well as receive restitution for any financial loss you may have suffered.

Insurance Fraud

If you have been the victim of insurance fraud, you may have suffered significant financial losses. Don’t let your right to restitution go unrecognized. Instead, retain Michael L. Fell to help you exercise your victims’ rights.


The fact that the defendant may not have deliberately killed your loved one is certainly cold comfort in a manslaughter case—your loss feels exactly the same regardless of their intention. Be sure your perspective is considered with regard to bail, pleas, sentencing, and parole with help from J4CV.


It can take years for a murder case to come to trial. Left to their own devices, defense attorneys would be happy to make motion after motion to delay matters even more. With help from J4CV, you can fight back against these kinds of delays and demand that your right to a speedy trial be recognized and respected.


Getting robbed can be very traumatic, especially if you were threatened or physically harmed in the process. The longer the case drags on, the longer the trauma will stay fresh in your mind. Put the suffering behind you faster by retaining an attorney to help you exercise your rights.


When someone steals from you, the loss isn’t just financial. It also makes you feel victimized and powerless. Under Marsy’s Law, you can get your power—and your money—back by exercising your victims’ rights. You can trust Michael L. Fell to help you.


As a victim of vandalism, you may be entitled by law to restitution for damaged items. You also have the right to get items taken as evidence returned to you in a timely fashion. If you need help making this happen, simply turn to J4CV.

Title IX Violations

We can help victims of sex-based discrimination, harassment, or violence exercise their rights to a prompt and fair remedy under Title IX. You can rely on Attorney Fell to provide expert assistance with school hearings as well as any criminal complaints that may need to be filed, while also helping to protect you from retaliation.

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