Best Lawyer Around

Mike Fell represented my husband and I under Marcy’s law as we were victims of a violent neighbor dispute. From the moment we met Mike we knew we were in the right hands as his knowledge of the law were second to none. He was thorough, always available and made us feel like we were the most important clients he was representing. His expertise and guidance lead us to the desired result and we would go to Mike again and refer him to anyone and everyone who needed a lawyer.
Victim Rights clients

Assistance In Protection Of Privacy

Mr. Fell was professional, compassionate and immediate in his response to my situation. With his years of experience as Deputy DA, his ability to address the problem was concise and thorough. Truly it was as if a miracle happened to restore my faith in humanity.
Nancy, Victim Rights client

Amazing Attorney!

Mike fell was an unbelievable asset/resource to our family during a time that we never thought we’d ever have to go through. Our family has never had any experience in dealing with the law let alone dealing with this magnitude of a horrible and devastating experience to an immediate family member. Mike was always available to us and was not only everything we can ask for in an attorney but is an amazing person, family man and was always there for us! I wouldn’t’t recommend anyone else besides Mike Fell and his passion for Marcy’s law and helping our family was something I’ll never forget!
Michael, Victim Rights client

Victim’s Advocate

I found Mike’s regular electronic updates very helpful to me throughout the legal process and trial in our case. His presence at each court session was a source of comfort to me. His knowledge of and expertise in criminal law is commendable.
Marylen, Victim Rights client

Knowledgeable & Compassionate Victims’ Rights Attorney

Mike is one of my heroes – he represented my son, Sean and my family under Marsy’s Law. Our beautiful 19 year old, Sean was murdered and we’d been in the court system over 4 years waiting on our 2nd trial. Countless, endless continuances by the defense. Mike filed a brief and made an appearance on our behalf asserting our Marsy’s constitutional rights to a speedy trial. It got the judge’s attention (finally) and we now have a firm trial date. He worked wonderfully with our great Riverside County DA, who is also my hero. Our lives have been turned upside down and inside out since Sean’s murder – Mike gave me a piece back – he helped me to feel empowered. He’s an important part of our team to get Justice for Sean. Mike, if you read this, you are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Laura (Sean’s Mom)
Laura, Victim Rights client

Amazing Victim Rights Lawyer

I recently flew to CA to testify at a parole hearing of a man who murdered my father and sister many years ago. Mike Fell helped me every step of the way, especially after there was a postponement a day before the hearing. He is knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. He received my case on Christmas Eve, just 4 days prior to the hearing. He worked tirelessly over the holidays and cleared his schedule just to help me. This was my first parole hearing and I was nervous, yet I knew he had my back every step of the way.
Lynette, Victim Rights client

You Want Michael Fell On Your Side

Michael did a tremendous job for my wife and I in regards to a long standing dispute with a neighbor. His hard work and attention to detail resulted in a victory. Thanks again, Michael.
Civil Harassment client