Victims Rights Attorney California

You Have Rights: Learn More from a Victims Rights Attorney in California

Senior Deputy District AttorneyIf you are looking for the best victims rights attorney in California for your needs then you have come to the right place. At Justice 4 Crime Victims, we work tirelessly to help our clients move on with their lives after they have been the victim of violent crimes. We can help you learn your rights and ensure that you know what you may be eligible for.

We find that many people have no idea that they have certain rights as a victim. For example, you have the right to be treated with dignity. You have the right to restitution. We can look at your specific case and work closely with you so that you do not get lost in the legal process.

A victims rights attorney in California can help in a number of ways

If you decide to work with a victims rights attorney in California then you could get help in a variety of ways. At Justice 4 Crime Victims, some of the services we offer include:

  • Speaking on your behalf in court and / or at a sentencing hearing.
  • Filing necessary restraining orders or otherwise assisting you in being protected against the defendant.
  • Ensuring that the prosecutor listens to your side of the story and that they are taking your best interests seriously.
  • Helping you access the services available to you. This may include a housing shelter, mental health counseling, health care, childcare, or financial help.

No matter what the situation is, there is one important thing to remember: You are not to blame. You are the victim. We know this can be a difficult situation but we also know that there is a way out of domestic violence. Contact a victims rights attorney in California right now by reaching out to Justice 4 Crime Victims at 949-585-9055.

Are you a victim of a crime? Learn what happens next

If you have been the victim of abuse or assault then it’s important to learn a hard truth sooner rather than later: The system that is designed to bring you justice can be challenging. While it may seem full of obstacles, the good news is that a victims right attorney in California can make the process simple and fast.

The reality is that as a crime victim you are entitled to certain rights, getting the full benefit of said rights takes time, it takes energy, and it takes the knowledge of what those rights are. It is so easy for individuals to get lost in the justice system. This is why we recommend that you allow an experienced victims rights attorney in California to speak on your behalf.

Many people assume that they already have one person on their side: The prosecutor. However, remember that the prosecutor is there to represent “the people” – not you as an individual. As a result, you may not get help with the following:

  • Responding to subpoenas.
  • Calculating and collecting restitution.
  • Preparing you to testify in court.
  • Speaking on your behalf during a sentencing hearing.
  • Speaking on your behalf to the deputy district attorney and judge.

While the prosecutor may not help you with these issues, you can count on a victims rights attorney in California to do so. Contact Justice 4 Crime Victims at 949-585-9055 to learn more.

Learn about your rights as a victim

The first thing to know is that you are protected. Marsy’s Law, otherwise known as the Victims’ Bill of Rights, has been law in California since 2008. This law provides victims of crimes with 17 rights:

  1. The be treated with fairness and respect, to be afforded privacy and dignity, and to not be abused, harassed, or intimidated during the criminal justice process.
  2. To be protected from the defendant and those acting on behalf of said defendant.
  3. To be considered when decisions of bail and release of the defendant are made.
  4. To not have confidential info or records released to the defendant, their attorney, or any other person or entity acting on behalf of the defendant.
  5. To refuse a request for discovery, deposition, or interview from the defendant and / or their attorney and reasonable conditions if you do consent to these situations.
  6. Notice of and conference with the prosecution in regards to the arrest of the defendant, the charges filed against them, decisions made re: extradition, and notification of and information about pretrial disposition.
  7. Notice of public proceedings upon request. This includes delinquency proceedings, parole, and other post-conviction proceedings. It also provide the right for the victim to be present at these proceedings.
  8. To be heard, when requested, at proceedings that involve post-arrest release, sentencing, etc.
  9. A speedy trail and prompt conclusion to the case, including related post-judgment proceedings.
  10. Access to information from the probation department regarding any pre-sentencing investigations.
  11. Receiving, when requested, the pre-sentence report on the defendant, unless these forms are confidential by law.
  12. Information, when requested, about the conviction, sentence, and incarceration of the defendant.
  13. The release of, or escape of the defendant from custody must also be provided if requested, as well as notice of any scheduled release dates.
  14. The return of private property once it is no longer necessary as evidence.
  15. Information re: parole proceedings.
  16. To have the victim’s safety, the safety of their family, and the safety of the general public considered any time a parole or other post-judgment release decision is made.
  17. To be informed about victims rights.

While one of the rights of victims is to be informed of their rights, this does not always happen. If you have suffered as the victim of a violent crime then we encourage you to contact Justice 4 Crime Victims at 949-585-9055 right away. We are here to help you through this process, to ensure you have access to what you are owed, and to minimize the future trauma that your past experiences may cause.