Marsy’s Law Attorney in California

You deserve help from a Marsy’s Law Attorney in California

Being the victim of a crime is a terrible thing to experience. No one who has been in this position would wish it on another person. Though there are many negative aspects to being a victim, one of the worst things is not knowing what to expect. You may not know what your rights are. If there is any good news related to your situation it is the fact that there is a Marsy’s Law Attorney in California here to help you. Contact Justice 4 Crime Victims at 949-585-9055 for your free legal consultation.

A Marsy’s Law Attorney in California will ensure you know your rights

As the victim of a crime, you may not even know that you have rights, let alone what they are. The list of rights given to you by Marsy’s Law is long and includes the right to be treated with dignity and the right to restitution. We can assess your specific case, ensure you know your rights as they pertain to the particulars of your case, and provide you with comprehensive assistance.

There are many services available from a Marsy’s Law Attorney in California

At Justice 4 Crime Victims, we are here to help with any and all legal services our clients need from us. What this will look like is different for each client. It may involve standing up for a victim of a crime in court or during a sentencing hearing. It may involve connecting them with local resources available to victims of crimes, from daycare to medical care, from financial assistance to shelter.

We will work to ensure that the prosecutor listens to you, that they take your needs seriously, and that you are a priority. If you are in danger then we can work to file a restrainer order against the defendant. This is just a partial list – contact us today at 949-585-9055 to find out what services we can offer you.

The prosecutor has their own priorities

It is likely that the Orange County prosecutor working on your case is doing their best. It is likely that they passionately want to secure a conviction or the best possible plea deal. However, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that they do not work for the victims themselves – they work on behalf of “the people.” Their job is to look out for the greater good. A Marsy’s Law Attorney in California will have individual victim’s best interests in mind.

Call now for a free consultation from a Marsy’s Law Attorney in California

No matter how it feels, you are not alone. No matter what you have experienced, there is someone who understands and whose only priority is to stand up for you and stand beside you. Now is the time to Contact Justice 4 Crime Victims at 949-585-9055. We are proud to offer a free consultation. Just call us and ask to speak to an attorney who can help you. You can count on compassionate, experienced legal advice and services.