Need a victim’s rights attorney in Los Angeles?

Need a victim’s rights attorney in Los Angeles?

Having the misfortune of being victim to a crime is already difficult enough, but it can get even worse when you’re implicated in legal proceedings. Having to tell your story in a court room, for example, is a heavy experience for anyone in that position. And while judges, clerks, and other people you encounter can be sympathetic, there’s no denying that the process can be extremely tough –– which is why you need a victim’s rights attorney by your side. Let us tell you why.

What can a victim’s rights attorney do for you?

In addition to protecting your interests in any legal proceeding in which you find yourself, a victim’s rights attorney can provide plenty of other auxiliary services, some of which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

A victim’s rights attorney can speak on your behalf in court and/or at sentencing hearing. This is a particularly helpful practice that not only protects overwhelmed victims, but also facilitates the conveying of important facts for a judge or jury to consider.

A victim’s rights attorney can also file necessary restraining orders and take other steps to ensure you’re protected from your abuser. Having a restraining order against the defendant can provide victims with a sense of safety and support, as well as much-needed peace of mind.

Additionally, legal representation can also help you find all relevant services available to you, including housing shelters, mental health counseling, childcare, and plenty of other services.

Hiring an attorney can also simplify your courtroom experience. Without professional help, you might struggle responding to subpoenas, calculating and collecting restitution, and preparing to testify in court –– where you may or may not be aggressively questioned.

Perhaps most crucially, however, a victim’s rights attorney can help ensure your constitutional rights as a victim are protected and enforced, especially if you live in California. Let us tell you more.

Marsy’s Law in California

Victims in California are constitutionally entitled to a Crime Victims Bill of Rights, or a set of legal protections aimed to help them. Some of these rights include the following:

  • Privacy protections so that you don’t have to worry about your abuser.
  • Having your safety considered when the defendant’s bail is being set.
  • Receiving a notice of plea bargaining and giving you a voice in the process.
  • Presenting a victim impact statement for the judge to consider before sentencing.
  • Having your personal property returned to you as soon as possible if it was used as evidence
  • Receiving restitution for losses suffered as a result of criminal activity

Retaining the services of a competent attorney will ensure these and other protections are respected. Justice 4 Crime Victims is committed to enforcing these rights and ensuring your best interests are represented. Our team is led by Michael L. Fell, a former Senior Deputy District Attorney in Orange County, who knows the ins and outs of the legal system. Give us a call to learn more: 949-585-9055.