Learn About the Specific Ways a Victims Rights Attorney Can Help in Different Criminal Cases

Learn About the Specific Ways a Victims Rights Attorney Can Help in Different Criminal Cases

Being the victim of a crime is a terrible experience for anyone to go through. While the act itself as bad enough, for many people the worst part is the years of turmoil that follow. This is why a victims rights attorney may be recommended – we can help you through the difficulties that may lie ahead for you. Keep reading to get specific facts about how we can help and then contact us at 949-585-9055 if you would like a free legal consultation.

We Can Protect Your Privacy in Sexual Offense Cases

If you were the victim of sexual abuse, whether as an adult or a child, one of the hardest things about coming forward is knowing that your very private business is going to be public knowledge. Your victims rights attorney can help fight to protect your right to privacy and dignity while simultaneously working to keep the abuser in prison.

We Will Keep You Updated on the Status of Your Incarcerated Attacker

Except in the most severe of cases, your abuser is likely going to get out at some point, or at least be eligible for parole. When you work with Justice 4 Crime Victims, we will keep you informed so that you are never taken by surprise. If necessary, we can help file the necessary restraining orders to keep you safe.

We Can Work to Give You Peace of Mind After You Have Been the Victim of a Crime

Another reason that people have a hard time reporting a crime, or testifying against their attacker, is because they fear retaliation. They worry that their attacker, or someone acting on their behalf, is going to hurt or intimidate them or their family. You have rights to prevent this from happening and we can help you exercise them.

We Can Support You While You Stand Up to the Person Who Has Hurt You

It is challenging to stand up to someone who has hurt you. If you are nervous, if you do not know what to expect, or if you are afraid that you will somehow be implicated in what has happened, then we recommend you work with an experienced victims rights attorney. We can help you get through this process as easily as possible.

It Won’t Be Easy but You Are Not Alone

We know how hard this is. We know that you want justice. We also know that you likely do not have a legal background and may not know how to move forward. Whether you have not yet gone to the police and want a legal representative on your side, or you are preparing for the trial and need assistance, you can count on Justice 4 Crime Victims to help. Call us now at 949-585-9055.