How Marsy’s Law Protects Crime Victims and Their Families

How Marsy's Law Protects Crime Victims and Their Families

Many people are aware that there are a lot of rights and legal protections for crime victims. Some might be surprised to learn that witnesses of crimes also have a set of rights and legal protections as well. What is more, the family members of victims are also protected. Did you know this?

Marsy’s Law is a Bill of Rights Act that expands victims’ rights in the state of California. Not only do the victims themselves have more rights, but the victims’ families do too. Below, we’ll be discussing some of the many ways Marsy’s Law benefits crime victims and their family members.

Victims are Entitled to Respect and Dignity

Honor and respect are critical, especially towards victims of a traumatic crime. If victims and their families do not feel respected and treated like humans, they will not be comfortable speaking out, which can potentially change the course of the case for the worst. The last thing anyone would want is for a dangerous suspect to get away or for a victim to develop long-term mental scarring due to justice not being able to be served.

Victims Shall Be Heard During Proceedings

Everyone deserves a chance at not only speaking but also being heard. Victims and victims’ families especially deserve this right. After dealing with trauma whether directly or indirectly, it’s wrong to let victims not have the opportunity to speak out and explain what occurred at the time the crime was taken against them. Not to mention, victims must be able to talk and be listened to in order for justice to be served.

Victims Have the Right to Refuse an Interview at the Request of the Accused

Sometimes an interview can be very triggering for a victim or for a member of their family. They might feel pressured to speak out on a very touchy issue that they are not ready to speak on yet. Or they might not want to speak on the topic at all, ever, or at least not feel safe doing so during an interview session, hence why Marsy’s Law states that victims have the right to refuse interviews at the request of the accused.

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