Crime Victims Are Protected by Law in Orange CA

Crime Victims Are Protected by Law in Orange CA

Victims of crimes, especially of violent crimes, often find themselves in unique circumstances from victims of other, non-violent crimes. For instance, they might feel immense anxiety before court proceedings, worry greatly that the suspect will harm them or someone they love, or require extra time to process what happened before they can confidently go to court and explain their side of the story. This is quite understandable as violent crimes can be incredibly alarming in the moment and even long after the fact.

Luckily, crime victims in the state of California have special rights that can make settling the case much easier and more comfortable for them.

Protections for Crime Victims in California

You might be wondering, what types of protections or rights do victims of crimes have in California? Under Marsy’s Law, some of the many rights and protections of crime victims include: protection from the disclosure of confidential information to the media, have any of their personal property returned quickly if that property is being used as evidence, be treated with dignity and respect as a crime victim, the right to refuse an interview made on the defendant’s behalf, object to delays in the proceeding, and so on and so forth.

Get the Crime Victim Support You Need

Sometimes it isn’t enough to have protections as a crime victim. It isn’t always easy knowing your rights and what protections you have available to you, let alone, how those protections and rights can help you personally and what they look like when they are carried out. Not to mention, you might feel like it’s difficult for you to exercise the extra rights you have as a crime victim or even feel that your protections are not being respected. So, would if you could have someone there to offer you solid legal support as a victim of a crime? Well, you can – in the form of a crime victims attorney.

Justice 4 Crime Victims will give you access to a fantastic, reliable, and trustworthy crime victims attorney in the Orange County, CA area. With a skilled attorney by you side, you can rest assured that your protections as a crime victim will be better understood by you and that you will feel much more prepared to attend court proceedings and generally get through your case in a smoother manner.

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